Internal rules for FORUS apartments

  1. Arrival from 14 pm , departure until 11am
  2. Upon arrival, the guest will fill in and submit the guest registration card according to the valid personal document.
  3. Pets are not available.
  4. Services are paid on arrival. Pay by cash or prepayment by bank transfer.
  5. At the time of registration, the tenant will be subject to a one-night stay at the time of shortening.
  6. The apartment can accommodate as many people as indicated on the Guest Registration Card. One cot / ride can be delivered (rental rate 2e / night).
  7. Bed linen is included in the price for stays longer than 2 nights. Bed linen per person 3e / one-time fee, towel – 2e / one-time fee.
  8. The reservation may be canceled (or modified after agreement with the administration) at least 10 days before the specified date. If the Lessee fails to arrive, a cancellation fee is applied – a reservation fee (advance payment).
  9. The Lessor undertakes to immediately inform the Lessee and refund the reservation (advance payment) if it becomes impossible to provide the services.
  10. If the tenant has not agreed on the agreed time, the administration will not refund the services if there is no additional agreement.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and on the balconies, and the use of candles and other open fires is strictly prohibited. Fine 100e. For your safety, the apartments are equipped with fire alarms.
  12. Smoking only in designated areas.
  13. Apartments and area from 22:00 up to 8am Noise is forbidden. If the tenant fails to respond to the administration’s warnings, disturbing the public domain, the tenant must immediately leave the apartment.
  14. Not informing the administration, it is forbidden to bring out unauthorized persons to the territory and apartments.
  15. For the safety of guests, the area and administration are monitored by video cameras.
  16. Please keep your assets safe. The Lessor is not liable for damage caused by third parties.
  17. Tenants are responsible for their own and their children ‘s (guardians’) safety throughout the territory.
  18. Thank you for storing your apartment inventory. Please be advised that the inventory is subject to material liability for damage.
  19. Loss or damage to the apartment key to compensate for losses – 10e.
  20. Be conscious of the nature and the resources of the world, and let us not leave unattended electrical appliances (TV, lamps, hob, water appliances) unattended.

The Lessee agrees to the terms and conditions stated in the reservation.